Never Bored

Okay, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything and I’m sorry for being so scattered. There’s no excuse for getting so sidetracked. I do have more photos of the room we added and probably thousands of photos of plants, landscapes, clouds and country living photos I could share but my husband is sleeping beside me and my best photos are on the computer and I’m on my trusty Kindle Fire HD.

Today I canned 18 pints of green beans from my heirloom, organic garden. I do stay quite busy and some days I look up and wonder where the day has gone. I have peppers and cucumbers to pickle. I was in California for 6 days and my squash simply disappeared. I have okra, tomatoes and bell peppers coming on. My potatoes are doing well. I made potato salad from new potatoes yesterday, so see I do stay busy.


This is Dovey with her chicks from last year.

I hatched out 9 baby bantam chicks from the incubator four weeks ago and they are growing fast. I don’t raise chickens for meat. I could never harm one of those little birds. I raise them for eggs and fertilizer for my garden.


Wild Grapes (Vitis cinerea)


The wild grapes are a wonderful find in Arkansas. This year appears to have been the perfect weather for grapes. Darrell and I spotted an abundance of wild grapes and muscadines earlier this year and have watched them begin to ripen. This past week we picked a gallon of muscadines and about 2 cups of the wild grapes, so if you are a forager looking for a passel of wild grapes, I’m telling you, “the time is NOW”!

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)


Native Americans used the red sap from the root as body paint. The rhizomes contain the alkaloid sanguinarine which is known for antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Research indicates that sanguinarine may also offer protection against skin cancer. However the FDA considers Bloodroot unsafe even in small doses. I also do not support wild-crafting. Please enjoy the beauty and help protect our native plants.

Monday March 25 2014





Dunn House
Our Tiny Cabin

My husband and I have outgrown our small space, so I’m sitting here in the cabin with our two dogs watching men work as they are building on a new room.

It’s a partly cloudy blustery day here in Arkansas and not fun taking photos of plant with the wind blowing 15 to 25 mph. Spring can’t get here soon enough.