Spring 2016

Well, Spring looks like it may stay with us for a while, and that’s just fine by me. It gets so hot and humid here in Arkansas. You feel like you’re in a sauna when you step outside.

My favorite and only two grandchildren are officially out of school for the summer which lends for a very busy summer for everyone. I really look forward to spending a little more time with them each year when school is out.

It’s so amazing watching them quickly change from diapers to young adults. It also gives me a chance to relive some of those precious moments when my girls were this age. I feel double blessed to have one of each at this time in my life.



For some time now, I’ve been experiencing stomach pain so severe it immobilizes me. I am in so much pain I end up having dry heaves and I am well familiar with different types of pain and illness. I have RA, osteoperosus, broken fingers and toes and In the early 70’s having a baby via natural childbirth was the popular mode of childbirth, I had two, so yes I do know pain, but this pain is so severe the only way I can describe it is that it feels like someone or something is ripping my guts apart.

This is the second time in the hospital after six months and many episodes of the severe belly pain. I had an episode while in California on our vacation and spent two days in fetal position on the bed. Not the most fun vacation, I can assure you.

I have beat myself in the brain trying to diagnose these episodes. I have asthma and no stranger to allergies but this has really stumped me. Of course the first thing I tried to do was modify my diet. I’m thin already so I needed modification but not limitation of carbs or calories. I’ve always been more conscious of healthy eating because of living with my Grandmother who was into health food when no one knew what health food was. She taught me how to make her homemade yogurt and soy milk.

I began to eat six or more smaller meals very much like grazing. I cut out nuts and anything deemed hard to digest. But nothing seemed to work. I kept my bowels open and did everything I knew and had learned from herbal study classes and the teachings of my Grandmother, but guess what?

After the first stay in the hospital I did what my General Practitioner told me to do, “go to a gastrointerologist”. Getting an appointment in a timely fashion was just a little harder than one would think, that is unless you live in a retirement resort city.
One said they had nothing until next year!
Well, guess what Dr. Next Year? I was able to get an appointment in just a week and a half to a specialist that had a 100% rating.
WOW! What is this world coming to?
Shame, shame on you, Dr. NEXT YEAR, you don’t have the better of the two ratings so I’m sure you had room for me, you were “Johnny on the Spot” when I had to have exploritory surgery.

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From Egg to Chick

My last year bantam started laying early this year so I decided to take advantage and try my hand at hatching some babies without a hen since my 8 year old brooding hen passed during the heat of the summer last year. I collected eggs for 2 weeks and started with 14 eggs in the incubator. And by the way when you turn and tend eggs three times a day for twenty-one days you get a little attached to what ever is growing inside the eggs. Two power outages and twenty-one days later this is what I found when getting ready to turn the eggs…….

From Egg to Chick
From Egg to Chick
You can hear the little chick peeping while still in the egg.
You can hear the little chick peeping while still in the egg.
This is a different kind of Zip Line. Once the baby chick has pecked around the egg, he pushes the egg apart with his feet.
This is a different kind of Zip Line. Once the baby chick has pecked around the egg, he pushes the egg apart with his feet.
He! What's going on in there?
Hey! What’s going on in there?
Somebody get the hair dryer!!!!
Somebody get the hair dryer!!!!

Never Bored

Okay, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything and I’m sorry for being so scattered. There’s no excuse for getting so sidetracked. I do have more photos of the room we added and probably thousands of photos of plants, landscapes, clouds and country living photos I could share but my husband is sleeping beside me and my best photos are on the computer and I’m on my trusty Kindle Fire HD.

Today I canned 18 pints of green beans from my heirloom, organic garden. I do stay quite busy and some days I look up and wonder where the day has gone. I have peppers and cucumbers to pickle. I was in California for 6 days and my squash simply disappeared. I have okra, tomatoes and bell peppers coming on. My potatoes are doing well. I made potato salad from new potatoes yesterday, so see I do stay busy.


This is Dovey with her chicks from last year.

I hatched out 9 baby bantam chicks from the incubator four weeks ago and they are growing fast. I don’t raise chickens for meat. I could never harm one of those little birds. I raise them for eggs and fertilizer for my garden.

Wild Grapes (Vitis cinerea)


The wild grapes are a wonderful find in Arkansas. This year appears to have been the perfect weather for grapes. Darrell and I spotted an abundance of wild grapes and muscadines earlier this year and have watched them begin to ripen. This past week we picked a gallon of muscadines and about 2 cups of the wild grapes, so if you are a forager looking for a passel of wild grapes, I’m telling you, “the time is NOW”!