Back on my Crohnes Diet.

I’m back once again on my Crohnes Diet. For some time now I’ve been experiencing more and more problems with my stomach. I finally came to the realization I’m in a flare and I’m in pain. So back to jello and crackers. I’m already low on iron so I’m taking supliments but the iron tablets prescribed for me is really messing with my stomach. Oh joy! Fun stuff….NOT!

The beginning to 2018 is looking like a bummer. During the first week I lost a dear Brother-in-law. My sister of whom I was so close to has vanished before my eyes with her grief and now my stomach has decided to show me that I need to take care of myself. I have many friends and I really need to get together and spend some time with them.

My sister has changed and will never laugh again. I deal with depression and simply can not spend time with someone who chooses to be bummed out for eternity. It makes me realize that is exactly what I did with my last marriages. I’m a nurturing person since forever and those are the people I’m drawn to. This is the very thing that has brought me to counseling and physical illness each time so please excuse and forgive me if I clock out of depressing people and situations. I’m having to take care of me.