Dobro likes napping under blankey.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Those teen years)

My two grandchildren are entering those tween years. Aubrie is 13 going on 30 and Carter is 12 going on 20. Actually they both are great kids. I totally adore these two.
They’ve made me laugh and have made me cry. I would do any thing and I mean anything for these two.

We’ve gone on zombie rides late in the evening in an old white truck, down dark dirt roads (I sincerely hope they remember those rides when they get older). We have an area on our property named zombie lake. Actually its just a stream running through the property. They love splashing through the water in the back of that old truck. Aubrie still insist on the safari rides and I’m sure it’s more for our benefit than hers.

Aubrie loves horses and we’ve told her when the time was right she would get that horse. Well she has saved her birthday and Christmas money and has bought every tack you can think of for a horse. Finally we found one just like she was looking for and she is a beauty. she had saved enough money to buy this horse so my husband took her out to see the horse and guess who came home with a horse?


Have You Ever?

Just recently I lost a close family member. He was more than a brother-in-law he was like my brother. He and my sister were married for 39 years.. They both have been a big part of my life. They have been there when no one else has. Ever sense my brother-in-law’s passing my sister has been more than hateful to me. I’ve been to her house once since the funeral and she acted like I was intruding. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around her behavior. I know she hurts and has things she has too deal with but I have the strongest feeling I’ve lost not one member of my family but two. tears falling

I’ve been married and divorced 3 times. Each marriage lasted ten years. Divorcing someone to me feels like burying that person and they’re still alive. I’ve felt much shame and disappointment in my life. I’ve been cut to the bone. Even through all my sorrow and pain I’ve never lashed out at someone close to me like this.

Have You Ever been so mean to a person close to you after you’ve lost someone? If you have I would like to know the outcome and why? What made you treat that person so badly? Did you really not like that person to begin with? Was there something about that person that just rubbed you the wrong way? I seriously would like to know from another perspective why I’m being treated like I’m covered in fever blisters.

 I really choose not to be hurt anymore. I love my family and friends dearly and would be there for each and everyone, I simply cannot continue to be hurt like this. No one deserves to be treated like they’ve done something wrong. wyping tears, honk nose blowing.

Someone please enlighten me and don’t tell me it’s gonna take time. I don’t have that kind of time. Just help me understand why.

Daily Prompt: Pluck

Pluck reminds me of my childhood living on the farm. I was born in the early 1950s. We were a small family so everyone pitched in on the farm. We each had our designated chores which was vital for running a farm. We raised cattle, pigs and chickens. Every spring mama would order baby chicks through the mail. We would feed and take care of the chicks until they were big enough to prepare for the freezer. Papa would chop their heads off, my sisters and I would gather the chickens and put them in the big black wash pot filled with boiling water (which as I look back now it was like something out of the chain saw massacre chicken style). By dunking the chickens in the boiling water made it much easier to pluck off the feathers. To pluck feathers from chickens must be what horror stories are made from.

IMG_2355via Daily Prompt: Pluck

Challenges in Life

My life in 250 words or more.


I’ve taken IQ and Right Brain /Left Brain tests to write a book about . Thus far I’m no genius but have above average IQ and I’m equally right brain/left brain oriented which may lead people to think I’m a little giddy at times. I’m trying to compartmentalize my life into segments for my children and grand children. Which seems daunting to me at this point. Anyway I’m starting with this and here we go……

I’ve been lucky enough to have been born right in the middle of the baby boom era. We Boomers have grown up and lived during the most exciting of all times. We’ve watched man walk on the moon all the way to cloning of sheep and the Fitbit. What marvelous of times!

As late as the 50s, young women for the most part were expected to marry, have children and become housewives. For those female boomers who took the leap and followed your heart by going to college and getting your degree in science and technology, I applaud you. You are the true pioneers in my book.

Marriage was not a priority on my list. My number one goal in life was to have children and be the best mother I could be. When I told mama I would have children married or not she passed right out through the floor and took days for me to tear up the floor and get her back upon her feet. This line of thinking was total taboo. “My goodness what would our little community think. I’d be the talk all over our 8-party phone line”. Which brings me to another story at another time. This is the way my brain works, my friends.

I learned to cook and I make a mean home made pie crust. I sew my own clothes, knit, crochet and embroidery. I love gardening and making soap and lotion. My soap recipe is in an earlier blog. I have many interest and if you ask me if I ever get board the answer is emphatically no. Some days I wish to be bored. Life on the farm is very busy.

Darrell built a new chicken house for our chicks. It’s so much better than the old one. You don’t have to go inside to gather eggs, theres a door that opens up on the outside to the laying box. Our new hens are laying now so were getting plenty of eggs.

We’re getting our timber cut and having the front acreage clear cut for pasture land. Our granddaughter recently bought a horse and we’re getting ready to keep her out here. She’s a beautiful off track 6 year old thoroughbred named Arky Star. She’s the great granddaughter 4 times removed of Secretariat. Our little farm is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re looking for horses for Darrell and myself.


Daily Prompt: Perplexed

Good Morning fellow readers and bloggers. It’s another fine September morning in Arkansas. I’m sitting on my deck drinking a cup of java listening to the birds and noises you only hear in the country.

Occasionally I’ll hear a vehicle pass our driveway on the dirt road which more often than not is almost impassable. There is a half mile between two paved roads that connect to our dirt road. The county judge tells us this half mile section is a private road, a public road but not a county road. Scratching my head over this. Dah! I’ve tried to understand this concept but anyone I tell my story to is just as perplexed as I am. I ask which is it private or public and if it’s public doesn’t that fall into the category of county? Our county judge continues to say both and it’s not county. I still don’t understand how he can justify that it’s not county since I’m living in this county. Very PERPLEXING!

What happened to the all roads being paved campaign when the Clintons were in office? I suppose the half mile stretch between the two paved roads was unimportant since it is of course the NO ZONE.

Well just know one thing, by living in the “NO ZONE”, as I have aptly named it, if I hear a vehicle driving up to my house I am sure someone is coming to visit (which rarely happens, is lost or up to no good. If you find yourself driving up my driveway just know, I am prepared. I have an intruder alarm that not only makes loud noises but can go for your jugular or if lucky your behind.

Am I scared living in the NO ZONE? Absolutely not! I love every moment out here where the air is fresh, it’s peaceful and the birds are in song.

Everyone reading this, step outside give yourself a good stretch and enjoy the moments as they are quickly ticking away.