Cedar Creek Adventures

cropped-wpid-wp-14362468541011.jpegI grew up in the country living with my Grandmother, Grandfather and Mother. I began the study of plants as a child from my Grandmother, Rosa Leatherman and have continued the study of native plants. I have attended classes at Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School, Earth Walk Northwest by Karen Sherwood and the Herbal Healer Academy by Dr. Marijah McCain. I am a member of the Arkansas Native Plant Society and served 4 years as Secretary. I have been co-owner of Cedar Creek Nature Studies and taught many classes on wild edible and medicinal plants. I started making soap and lotion after someone had given me a bar of lye soap in 1997 and it agreed with my sensitive skin.

I lived in Hot Springs, AR for 23 years and my dream was to move back to the country. In 1998 my dream became a reality. I have 35 acres and a more popularly called a Tiny House. My husband and I were married  2011in and found the Tiny House a bit too Tiny, so he added a separate bedroom with a real closet and last year he built a deck off the bedroom. We are quite comfortable in our Tiny House and love having the Grandkids come spend the weekend.

I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist, love gardening, hiking, photography and native plants.  My husband and I have four grandchildren between the two of us, two dogs and a cat.

My sister-in-law gave me 5 chickens when I moved to the country and I have kept a small flock of backyard chicks since then. We eat the eggs not the chicks and when I have extra eggs I love sharing with friends and family. I love harvesting fresh heirloom veggies from my garden, and the chicks are quite generous with their natural organic fertilizer. If you follow my blog you will get snippets of life in the country or what some may call a Hobby Farm.

I am still working on my pages and hope you will continue following me and support my efforts. Please feel free to ask questions about plants you have photos of or have found.


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