Daily Prompt: Perplexed

Good Morning fellow readers and bloggers. It’s another fine September morning in Arkansas. I’m sitting on my deck drinking a cup of java listening to the birds and noises you only hear in the country.

Occasionally I’ll hear a vehicle pass our driveway on the dirt road which more often than not is almost impassable. There is a half mile between two paved roads that connect to our dirt road. The county judge tells us this half mile section is a private road, a public road but not a county road. Scratching my head over this. Dah! I’ve tried to understand this concept but anyone I tell my story to is just as perplexed as I am. I ask which is it private or public and if it’s public doesn’t that fall into the category of county? Our county judge continues to say both and it’s not county. I still don’t understand how he can justify that it’s not county since I’m living in this county. Very PERPLEXING!

What happened to the all roads being paved campaign when the Clintons were in office? I suppose the half mile stretch between the two paved roads was unimportant since it is of course the NO ZONE.

Well just know one thing, by living in the “NO ZONE”, as I have aptly named it, if I hear a vehicle driving up to my house I am sure someone is coming to visit (which rarely happens, is lost or up to no good. If you find yourself driving up my driveway just know, I am prepared. I have an intruder alarm that not only makes loud noises but can go for your jugular or if lucky your behind.

Am I scared living in the NO ZONE? Absolutely not! I love every moment out here where the air is fresh, it’s peaceful and the birds are in song.

Everyone reading this, step outside give yourself a good stretch and enjoy the moments as they are quickly ticking away.