Gastroenterologist/ Surgeon IBD Specialist

I got in to see Dr. Porter at Saline Memorial this morning for my second colonoscopy within a year and he got right to the problem. 

The Dr. I went to in Hot Springs kept me in the hospital doing one test after another, with blood test coming back positive IBD and telling me he really didn’t know what was wrong. He told me if I had any more problems to come back. There was no follow up or anything. I even called to find out when my follow up was. The nurse said there is no follow up. Come back if you have any more problems.

While in the hospital I had the upper scope (EGD) into my stomach, laparoscopic exploratory surgery, 4 CT scans with imaging, 3 CTs without imaging, NG tubes, too many xrays to mention, swallow a camera and last but certainly not least, the most archaic test ever performed on a human being, the barium. I’m telling you now, if any Doctor mentions that to you take off running or at the very least just say NO!!! 

Not even two weeks after the 9 day hospitalization I finally had the first colonoscopy. Of course there were ulcers in my colon after that horrible barium test.

The guy that did the barium test acted like Lester the Molester, I am not joking!!! He said to me in this erky voice,”Just put your arms around me little lady,” and with this sly look in his eyes said,” lean your body into mine and I’ll put you in the chair, now don’t you worry, I’ve taken good care of you.” Mind you I may have been a little woozy, but not to woozy to realize when someone is a creep.

I’ve taken the time to share with you my experience so you may not have to experience what I have. If you are having problems with your stomach don’t wait. Get help fast and by all means DO NOT USE THE GASTROENTEROLOGIST IN HOT SPRINGS. The only thing they can and will do (I’m talking about both groups here in HS), is run test after test, especially if you have good insurance. They are not surgeons, I’m not even sure they can specialize in anything except the tests they run.

I went to Dr. Porter at Saline Memorial and he is wonderful. He performed my second colonoscopy today, took many pictures and was able to get pictures of the area that was giving me trouble. He said this is definitely Crohne’s Disease and there is one ulcer in that area. This time I have a follow up appointment to discuss my options. So please, listen to your gut and ponder my words, get help anywhere but HOT SPRINGS. 


Author: Cedar Creek Adventures

I began my study of plants as a child from my Grandmother, Rosa Leatherman and have continued the study of native plants. I have attended classes at Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School, Earth Walk Northwest by Karen Sherwood and the Herbal Healer Academy by Dr. Marijah McCain. I am a member of the Arkansas Native Plant Society and served as Secretary for 4 years. I have been co-owner of Cedar Creek Nature Studies and taught many classes on wild edible and medicinal plants. I make my own soaps and lotions share would love to share my knowledge with you.

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