Hair Stylist 



Love Your Hair Stylist

After working in the hair business for 46 years you are ready for a break. Not the kind of break you take for lunch or the usual break after you have a child but the break away from standing for 8 to 10 hours a day making men and women look good and feel better.

I do have to say if you enjoy this type of work it’s not only fun but very rewarding. You will become a daughter, sister, brother, mother, aunt and psychologists. You will laugh with them; you will cry with them. You will feel their joy of a birth or sadness of a death.

You not only will learn how to get along with a wide variety of personalities you will get 101 on cooking, crafting and even gardening lessons for free.

You will love your clients like family because you see them more than family, but always remember you are replaceable. There will always be someone who knows how to cut hair styles or formulate color just a little better than you or there will be someone just a little more charming.

By the end of 46 years you will opt for comfy shoes instead of eye catching heels or slides. You will obtain a natural curve in your posture as though you’re  ready to cast your hands over a shampoo bowl into someone’s hair.

You won’t stroll into the salon in the morning with style, you’ll carefully hobble in but by habit you’ll greet everyone with a smile and tell yourself “I can do this, I can do this” and at the end of the day you will smile, thank and hug your last client good bye. You then will drag your hiney to your vehicle, hope there are leftovers in the fridge and pray you’ll feel like doing it over again tomorrow.

I have lived a great deal of my life in the hair salon. I have even raised my children and help raise others’ children in the salon. I’m taking my break now and next time I see my clients I’ll still have that smile and a big ole hug for them. I love you and will miss you.



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