Wild Grapes (Vitis cinerea)


The wild grapes are a wonderful find in Arkansas. This year appears to have been the perfect weather for grapes. Darrell and I spotted an abundance of wild grapes and muscadines earlier this year and have watched them begin to ripen. This past week we picked a gallon of muscadines and about 2 cups of the wild grapes, so if you are a forager looking for a passel of wild grapes, I’m telling you, “the time is NOW”!


Author: Cedar Creek Adventures

I began my study of plants as a child from my Grandmother, Rosa Leatherman and have continued the study of native plants. I have attended classes at Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School, Earth Walk Northwest by Karen Sherwood and the Herbal Healer Academy by Dr. Marijah McCain. I am a member of the Arkansas Native Plant Society and served as Secretary for 4 years. I have been co-owner of Cedar Creek Nature Studies and taught many classes on wild edible and medicinal plants. I make my own soaps and lotions share would love to share my knowledge with you.

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